Every workers’ compensation case is different, and they are often much more complex than most people believe. Finding an experienced personal injury attorney could be the difference between settling and getting the settlement you deserve.

Suffering a personal injury while working can be a life-altering experience. After an injury on the job site, many aren’t able to go back to work for a long period of time. It’s important to understand Missouri’s laws regarding workers’ compensation in order to know your rights, benefits, and what steps you should take after suffering an injury on the worksite. 

According to Missouri’s Department of Workers’ Compensation, “Missouri law requires most employers to carry insurance, which pays for medical treatment and lost time benefits for employees who are injured on the job.” If you are an employee in the construction industry, your employer must have workers’ compensation insurance if the employer has one or more employees.

Here’s what you should do after suffering an Injury at work.


Report the injury immediately or you may lose your right to workers’ compensation. If your employer doesn’t provide you with an accident or injury report form, you can download one from Missouri’s Department of Labor’s website.

Seek Medical Attention

Always seek proper medical attention. Your health and wellbeing should be your top concern. Make sure your injuries are properly taken care of and documented by a medical professional.

Look For A Lawyer

After reporting your injury and seeking medical attention, it’s important to find a qualified law firm, such as Sticklen Dreyer Tinney, who has winning experience working with workers’ compensation cases.

It’s also important to know your benefits when you file for workers’ compensation. This is why we recommend hiring an attorney who can walk you through each step of the case and ensure that you are getting the compensation that you deserve. 

Medical Care

All your authorized medical care costs will be covered. It’s important to keep your employer or its insurer in the loop about every medical treatment because your employer had the right to choose the treating doctor or other healthcare provider. Usually, the employer and its insurance company don’t have to pay for medical care that you sought without their authorization.


If your doctor says you aren’t able to return to work due to your injuries, you might be entitled to temporary total disability (TTD) benefits. 

The payment, or payments, you receive will depend on whether you are considered TTD, permanent partial disability (PPD) or permanent total disability (PTD).

Survivor Benefits

If an employee dies due to a compensable accidental injury or occupational disease, the surviving dependents may receive weekly death benefits paid at 66.66 percent of the deceased employee’s average weekly wage. 

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