Charlie Sticklen walked his daughter, Sarah Sticklen-McDonnell, down the aisle to her future husband and to becoming a partner at Sticklen and Sticklen. Strong family values are the foundation of the working relationship and the level of professionalism you can expect from the best representation in personal injury law.

As a legal team, we bring together a pillar of experience and expertise, specializing in automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents, eighteen-wheeler accidents, premises liability, dog/animal bites and attacks, boating accidents, product liability, wrongful death, workers’ compensation, and nursing home neglect. Our father-daughter duo offers a diverse range of skill sets, making us a well-rounded team.

At the heart of our practice is a strong emphasis on family values and trust. We understand the importance of creating a supportive and trustworthy working relationship with our clients. We strive to create a comfortable environment for our clients to discuss their legal matters and foster a relationship built on trust and familiarity.

The father-daughter dynamic allows for effective collaboration and communication, which are essential in providing the best possible service to our clients. As a close-knit team, we understand each other’s working styles and can communicate seamlessly, leading to positive outcomes for our clients.

Our family has a long-term commitment to the legal profession, which translates into our dedication to our clients and their legal needs. We take pride in our family legacy in the legal field and strive to uphold our reputation for professionalism and excellence.

We have handled many cases successfully, and we believe that our personalized attention and commitment to client satisfaction are the reasons behind our success. We establish strong client relationships and work with our clients to achieve positive outcomes. Make your appointment today, we look forward to meeting you.