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Every personal injury case, be it intentional or negligence, shares basic points: Liability and damages.

Just ask yourself: Was the person or product that harmed you liable for the injury caused and, if so, what is the extent of your damages? If liability can be proven, then damages can be awarded and you can be compensated for your loss, pain and suffering.

Personal injury is simply a legal term for an injury to the body, as opposed to damages to personal property.

Personal injury suits can compensate for measurable costs to you including lost or diminished earnings, hospital and rehabilitation services or long-term medical care.

Other types of compensation may include pain and suffering and the emotional impact caused to you because of your injuries. The amount of compensation sought is reliant of the severity of damages proven.

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Licensed to practice in Missouri and Kansas.

Serving the region for more than 45 years specializing in cases in Jasper County, Newton County, McDonald County, Greene County, Taney County, Vernon County, Barton County, Lawrence County, Boone County, Cole County, Laclede County and Camden County in Missouri and also licensed to practice in Kansas.

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