It is crucial that motorcyclists know what to do after a motorcycle accident in Missouri. An injured motorcyclist must seek immediate medical attention and report all injuries and symptoms. They should never make statements to claims adjusters or sign releases or a settlement until they have talked to a lawyer.

Never Give Statements to an Insurance Adjuster

Never give “statements” to an auto insurance claims adjuster – or a defense lawyer from the auto insurance company – after a motorcycle accident until you have talked first with your lawyer. Why not? The only reason that a claims adjuster or defense lawyer wants to talk to you is to try to get you to deny and/or minimize your injuries, symptoms, and pain. Then, later on, they will use your statements against you to “prove” that you are not injured and that the insurance company is justified in denying your claim for benefits and compensation. In low vehicle damage cases, insurance adjusters will often use this tactic to try to claim that no one could have been seriously injured in the accident. If someone is insistent on talking to you, then tell them to call your lawyer. This advice also applies if the adjuster wants to look at the damage. Do not allow the adjuster to do so unless your attorney is present.

Never Sign Anything Without Talking to a Lawyer

Never sign a release, waiver, or settlement from an insurance company or an insurance claims adjuster without talking to your lawyer first. And never sign and cash a check from an insurance company or an insurance claims adjuster without talking to your lawyer first. The releases, checks, and the paperwork accompanying the checks – even those for limited property damage will contain unrelated language in the fine print that has the legal effect of “releasing” the insurance from all liability for compensation and benefits for any of the personal injuries you suffered in the motorcycle accident in Missouri. A trend that we have noticed is that some auto insurance company claims adjusters are using language in their releases and on their checks to trick crash victims into “settling” their personal injury claims for significantly less than those claims are actually worth.

Obtain a Copy of Your Police Report

Contact the police department where your accident occurred to order a copy of your police report. Many reports can be ordered online.

Attend All Medical Appointments

It is imperative that you continue treatment for your personal injuries, whether it be physical therapy and occupational therapy, or routine follow-ups with your family doctor. It is very important that you recover. Additionally, insurance adjusters often contend that an accident victim who fails to attend his or her doctor’s appointment must not be experiencing pain.

Keep Good Records After a Motorcycle Accident

We recommend documenting all doctor’s visits, prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, laboratory services, physical therapy, hospital visits, treatments, medical documents, and x-rays. We also suggest that you note the date each service was provided and the amount you were charged. Keep a diary of your daily pain, discomfort, emotional distress, fatigue, tenderness, inconvenience, etc., and write down how your personal injuries have impacted your daily life and relationships. Take photos of all of your injuries, after the motorcycle accident in Missouri as soon as possible. Keep copies of all medical bills, medical records, and other documents.

Check Your Auto Insurance Policy

It’s best to have an attorney look over your auto insurance policy – or the auto insurance policy through which you will be claiming No-Fault benefits – after a motorcycle accident in Missouri for any fine print that could affect your rights.

You should also check the auto insurance policy for VERY specific notification requirements pertaining to your accident. For other claims and coverages that are not mandated by law, it is not uncommon for auto insurance companies to impose stricter notification deadlines as well as other requirements. For instance, if you were injured in a hit-and-run collision or injured by an uninsured driver, many “uninsured motorist coverage” insurance policies require that they receive notice of your automobile crash within 30 days or they will void rights under the policy and you will lose the ability to recover compensation for your injuries and losses.

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