With some minor exceptions, Missouri workers’ compensation law provides coverage for all workers injured on the job while working within Missouri. The Workers’ Compensation Division of the Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations administers Missouri workers’ compensation law.

Employees Covered by Missouri Workers’ Compensation

If your employer has five or more employees, your employer is required by law in Missouri to have workers’ compensation insurance or be self-insured. However, most construction companies (even those with one or more employees) are required to have workers’ compensation insurance.

Injuries and Illnesses Covered by Missouri Workers’ Compensation

A workers’ compensation claim can be for just about any injury or occupational illness. Some of the most common forms of work-related injuries include neck and lower back injuries, as well as shoulder, elbow, and knee conditions. Common forms of work-related illnesses include toxin exposure and carpal tunnel syndrome.

 To qualify as a work-related injury or disease in Missouri, the accident causing the injury must be the prevailing factor resulting in the medical condition or disability. In addition, the injury must start and begin during the course of your employment (accidents that occur on breaks, lunch hours, or commutes are not included).

Who is Exempt From Workers’ Compensation Insurance in Missouri?

The state’s workers’ compensation requirements exempt a limited number of employee types, including independent contractors, volunteers, farm laborers, domestic servants, inmate workers, some real estate agents, direct sellers, commercial truckers, and youth sports referees.

Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in Missouri

At Sticklen Dreyer Tinney Law, our Missouri workers’ compensation attorneys can help you to obtain the full compensatory benefits that you are entitled to when you are injured on the job. Contact our Joplin MO or Columbia MO offices today!