Being involved in an automobile accident is a traumatic event. There are so many questions to be answered: Who will pay for the damage to my vehicle? Who will pay my medical bills? Will I have to take time off of work? If so, will I be compensated for my lost wages? Will the insurance company work in my best interest? At Sticklen and Dreyer we can help you answer your questions.

Crash Statistics

Motorcycle crashes in Missouri are far too common. In 2016, there were over 2,100 motorcycle accidents in Missouri and over 1,900 motorcyclists were injured. Motorcycle riders who are injured in an accident caused by another driver’s negligence are entitled to obtain compensation for their injuries and damages. The driver of the at-fault vehicle is required by law to have insurance to help pay for your damages. 

You must act quickly after a motorcycle crash to protect yourself.

5 Things to do After a Motorcycle Crash

1. Call 911 and Report the Accident

First and foremost, if you are physically able after a motorcycle crash, you should call 911 and report the accident to the police. The police should come to the accident scene, interview witnesses and document how the crash occurred. 

It is critical that you share your side of the story with the police officer so it is included in the report. The police report will be an important document to establish how the accident occurred and who is at fault. If you do not report the accident, it will be harder to prove how the accident occurred.

2. Seek Medical Attention for Injuries

You should address any injuries from the accident as soon as possible with medical professionals. Seeking prompt medical attention is important for two reasons. First, prompt medical treatment will ensure that your injuries are properly treated and your condition does not worsen. Second, by obtaining medical care soon after the accident, your medical records and bills will give you documentation of injuries and damages. This will be important when you must show the extent of your injuries to the insurance company for the at-fault party. You should continue to treat with your doctor until you reach your maximum medical improvement.

3. Obtain and Preserve Any Relevant Evidence

In addition to your medical records and the police report, there are other types of evidence that will be important for establishing how the accident occurred and how you were injured. Such evidence includes the following: 

  • Videos and photos of the accident scene, your injuries, and the vehicles involved;
  • The other driver’s contact information and insurance information;
  • Statements, names and contact information of any witnesses to the motorcycle accident;
  • Information relating to how the accident occurred or who is at fault, such as weather information, traffic signals, skid marks; and 
  • Physical evidence such as damage to your bike and repairs that were needed. 

Our experienced personal injury attorneys will be able to assist you in identifying and obtaining any and all of the above relevant evidence to your help prove your case and obtain maximum compensation for your injuries.

4. Report the Accident to Your Insurance Company

You will likely get a call from the insurance company for the at-fault party after the accident. However, you should also notify your own insurance company. Your own insurance policy may have coverage that apply for your benefit.

5. Schedule a Free Consultation with Sticklen Dreyer Tinney

Motorcycle accidents are traumatic experiences that have complex medical and legal consequences. While every injury case may not need an attorney, most victims of motorcycle accidents do benefit from at least consulting with a personal injury attorney after the crash.  An experienced attorney will be able to assist you in navigating these complicated issues and ensuring that your rights are protected and that you obtain the maximum compensation permitted under law. 

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