To prevent further spread of COVID-19, many attorneys have sought to minimize in-person contact with existing and potential clients. Fortunately, attorneys are finding ways to implement effective precautions while still providing legal assistance to those who need it.

For anyone who has a pending case or a legal issue that needs attention, communication with a lawyer is crucial. Under normal circumstances, face-to-face consultation between client and attorney is the standard. However, during the pandemic, lawyers have been scheduling phone calls, Facetime, or Zoom video sessions with clients to update them on any new information regarding a current case, or begin a new legal case.

Use of Technology in Attorney-Client Communications

Attorneys already use phone conference capabilities to handle many aspects of the attorney-client relationship. Firms that have opted to close in order to practice social distancing are rerouting calls to attorneys personal phones, but phone calls have certain limitations.

That’s where video conferencing comes in. Most video conferencing applications can be used with any device (including a smartphone or laptop) that’s equipped with a camera. Video conferencing is especially useful when communications involve more than two people or situations where someone needs to share his or her screen with the other participants in the meeting. File sharing tools like Google Drive and Dropbox further enhance the ease of which clients and attorneys can share important documents electronically to review during their video meeting.

Teleconferencing offers an excellent solution to meeting with clients, holding team collaboration meetings,and record depositions.

In the face of COVID-19, technology continue to change the world and how we do things at a rapid pace. Lawyers, law firms and the legal profession at large should not be left behind as other industries move forward with the help of technologies such as video conferencing. 

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