Being involved in a motorcycle accident is a traumatic event. There are so many questions to be answered: Who will pay for the damage to my motorcycle? Who will pay my medical bills? Will I have to take time off of work? If so, will I be compensated for my lost wages? Will the insurance company work in my best interest? 

We know that in addition to feeling the pain from your accident, trying to find the right steps to take after an accident can be a bit overwhelming. We have compiled a list of steps to take to hopefully provide you with the insight you need to get the most out of your claim. 

Allow A Doctor To Examine You For Injuries:

Being in a motorcycle accident typically doesn’t occur without having some emergency attention from the medical response team due to the dangerous nature of these particular accidents. With that being said, you may have been rushed to the doctor already, but in some cases, if you were able to walk away from the accident, you will need to seek an appointment with your doctor right away after the accident occurs. Some injuries do not show up on the scene when it comes to motorcycle accidents, so you will want to be alert and aware of your health as the adrenaline runs off. 

It’s important to remember that your medical records will help later on when you are seeking compensation, so you will want to make sure you have those documentations from your doctor showing that you had to seek medical attention. This will make it harder for insurance companies and legal defense team to argue against your injuries if you have full proof that those bruises and broken bones were, in fact, from your accident. 

Collect Contact Information: 

After your accident has occurred, it is a great idea to go ahead and get as much information as you can from those involved in the event. Try to swap information with each other before the law enforcement and medical emergency response get there so that you have time to receive their names, addresses, phone information, etc. Law enforcement officers will also ask for all of this information, but in the midst of the accident, you will want to make sure that you receive that information as well. It is best to go ahead and do this on your own right away. You will also want to grab their insurance information and license plate number. Sometimes people try to flee the scene after an accident has occurred. That is why we recommend trying to get as much information as you can early on without discussing the facts of the accident with anyone involved. 

Remember to not admit fault and be cautious with what you say to other individuals because it can all be used against you and your personal injury claim later on. 

Photo Evidence and Police Report: 

You will want to make sure you snap a few photos on the scene of the accident. We recommend starting with the damage done to your motorcycle and then move on to the damage to the vehicles involved. Having these images can only help investigators and insurance companies determine the liability in your accident, and it can never hurt to grab a few photos while you are there. You will want to also discuss with your police officer how you can receive a final copy of the traffic accident. Sometimes it takes up to 10 days to finish a report, but you will want to stay in contact so that you can order the report right away and have it available for when insurance companies need it. 

File Your Insurance Claim: 

When filing your insurance claim, you will want to keep in mind that again, these people are not your friends. They will try to get additional information out of you about the case, and you will want to make sure not to tell them. It is the job of the carrier to send an investigator the information that is needed to determine liability. Thus, let them be the ones to provide any additional information that the insurance company may need instead of saying too much and risking a reduction in your claim. 

Hire An Experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyer:

We know that this sounds like a lot of steps to take right after an unexpected motorcycle accident, but they are all crucial to do in a timely manner to help you get the most from your claim. The last step is to search for an experienced attorney who can investigate the accident and find supporting facts to help your case. Hiring a lawyer to help can also save you a lot of time when dealing with the insurance companies because they will handle the communication and negotiation of the case more fully to help you receive as much from your personal injury claim as possible. Please remember that you shouldn’t have to spend the days after your accident worried about your financial state. Hiring an experienced lawyer will allow you to focus on your own recovery while they fight your insurance case for you. 

Contact Sticklen Dreyer Tinney: 

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