Collisions between a bike and a car can be especially dangerous. Bicyclists, even if wearing a helmet, are mostly unprotected if they are hit by a car. They can be thrown long distances or knocked off the bike into oncoming traffic. Even a small accident can result in broken bones and near-fatal spinal or head injuries for the bicyclist. Car drivers tend not to notice the presence of bicycles as much as they do cars, and can turn in front of them, sideswipe them, or even rear-end them.

What to do in a Car-Bicycle Accident

If you are in a car-bicycle accident, follow the same procedure as you would a car accident. If you are injured, call 911. They will alert emergency responders and police. The police will issue a police report, which can be used as evidence, this will illustrate who was injured, and what caused the accident.

If you are not injured seriously enough to need medical attention right away you still need to call the police. Exchange your contact and insurance information with the other driver. Do not leave the scene of the accident unless you need to go to an emergency room by ambulance.

Take Photos of All Injuries

Take pictures of the accident scene with your smartphone. If you don’t have a smartphone with you, take notes on what happened, what you remember, and any other important facts, you may not remember them as clearly later.

It’s also important to take pictures of your injuries, your bicycle or car, and any other types of damage. Get your own copy of the police report. Police reports are evidence of what happened and can be crucial in a case.

Even if you aren’t sure that you are seriously injured, see a physician as quickly as possible after the accident. They will examine you to make sure you do not have serious injuries and can treat you in the best way possible.

Dooring Accidents

A very common bicycle accident is caused by car drivers opening their doors to exit the car directly in the path of an oncoming bicycle. The bicyclist, in a “dooring” accident, can be thrown over the door or crash as a result of having to brake or swerve to avoid the door. Even low-speed collisions between a car and bicycle can result in horrible or even deadly injuries to the rider, while car drivers often leave the scene of the crash unharmed. Unlike car drivers, bicyclists have very little protection in the event of a collision, which is why they are considered some of the most vulnerable road users.

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